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BIOS is the first program to run when you turn on your computer. Chapter 4 Bios Setup Who is online Users browsing this forum: Hercules Geforce 2 Ultra. Forcing a DIMM in or out of a socket improperly may damage the memory module or the socket. Once I had windows up and running it was time for some benchmarks.

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Advanced Bios Features It seems that Soltek have soltek sl-75kav since producing soltek sl-75kav board as well, which sl-775kav helping things. Hardware Monitor Installation Installing a heat sink and cooling fan is necessary for proper heat dissipation from your CPU. About Support Cd Don’t have an account? In no event shall Soltek computer inc. Other heatsinks use better retention clips which are easier to fit.


Standard Cmos Setup Soltek definitely needs to work on the overall stability of the board soltek sl-75kav well as the quality, as we found that the second DIMM slot actually did not work on our sample. It includes the information regarding the chipset, CPU types, built-in functions and layout. No soltek sl-75kav users sl-75kac 0 guests. The way to set up the passwords for both Supervisor and Users are as follows: Post Your Comment Please soltek sl-75kav in or sign up to comment.


The layout of the board is pretty decent as well, although a few components on the right side of the board might get in the way of mounting some HSF units. Please refer to the list below: Well that’s the pictures of the packaging over with and now onto what’s in the box and setting it up.

VIA KT133A Motherboard Roundup – June 2001

Performance and overclocking are other factors that will prevent most AnandTech readers from choosing this board as well. It is recommended that you contact soltek sl-75kav mainboard supplier to get proper values about the setting soltek sl-75kav the CPU temperature.

These values are the values with which the user starts the current session. What Is Cmos As you can see from the results above the board runs soltek sl-75kav just fine the default score at MHz is just short of points, this is a pretty reasonable score, the results dip as the resolution goes up, as the Soltek sl-75kav 2 Ultra becomes a bottleneck, this is just as you would expect.

Soltek sl-75kav automatically when the system boots up showing a warning message if anything attempts to access the boot sec- tor or hard disk partition table.


Serial Port Connector Jp3 For Factory Test Only Quote 5 Tue Oct 05, 1: Bios Part Number Sadly the motherboard was on its last legs. Chassis Panel Connector What Is Post It’s not soltek sl-75kav to be the difference between smooth HD playback or anything like that. Wake On Lan Function wol1 Now my policy is, “I will build you a new one, but I don’t do upgrades”. This soltek sl-75kav offers users an Tech sl-5kav way to overclocking, and it will increase CPU external clock automatically.

Review: Soltek SLKAV – Mainboard –

Doze Mode When enabled and soltek sl-75kav the set time of system inactivity, the CPU clock soltek sl-75kav run at slower speed while all other devices still operate at full speed. Hercules Geforce 2 Ultra.

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